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Chair Sole red

Chair Sole red

Chair for outdoors, named Chair Sole red

This is a stackable chair, made with an aluminium frame covered by a synthetic material.
Sole is a synthetic chair, proven to be weather resistant, and by that becoming a popular piece of furniture for the outdoors.
Sole has a large selection of bright colours to choose from, making it possible to play around with colour schemes and achieving spectacular results.
For example a combination of two different coloured chairs; black and orange.
It allows you to make the colour of the chairs go in tune with say the walls.
The colours available are: yellow, blue, white, orange, black, red and light green.
The measurements of the sole chair are 59x41x86cm with the chairs height being 45cm.
This design is perfect for a terrace or a garden, as the material is resistant to both UV lights and rain.
Sole is a high quality chair design, being stackable which makes it perfect for the hospitality sector, hospitals, dining rooms, schools and other public spaces.






Additional information to calculate shipping costs: Volume per unit: 0.28 m3
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